A Little About Me

It’s taken a while for me to actually post anything substantial, the problem is I just don’t know what to post about. Then why have a blog? I guess it’s just for a little progress.

I’ve been saddled with Depression and Anxiety for some time. It’s not something I’ve been eager to tell people. It’s something I’ve wanted to handle myself but with every week that passes its become apparent that it is not going too well. For the last few years the amount of people I know and keep in touch with has dwindled and trips outside the house for more than just a coffee have become exceedingly rare. Summoning the courage to simply write about it has taken more time than it should.

At least it’s something about me that’s vaguely interesting, there’s always that. It’s a weight off my mind for sure.

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  1. Takes a lot of guts to do what you’re doing mate. Great work. Hope it helps you. I’d like to say more but I think all I have to say is summed up simply by saying that I’m proud of you.


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